Saturday, April 20, 2024
If your Property has suffered damage and you are considering making an Insurance Claim please call us on 087 211 2465 before contacting your Insurance Company.
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    Loss Assessor Services

  • Fire gutted roof with sky visible

    Fire Damage

  • Seaside house with extensive roof damage after a recent storm.

    Storm Damage

  • Oil tank leaking on to garden grass.

    Escape of Oil

  • Structural wall damage external view


  • Flooded street with extensive property damage

    Flood Damage

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    Business Interruption

  • Chimney close up showing cracking after chimney fire.

    Chimney Fire

  • Home hallway damaged by water leak.

    Escape of Water/Burst Pipes

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Welcome to Patrick Ginnelly & Co, a leading loss assessing company offering you an expert service in handling your property insurance claim. In the event of a claim, we will act on your behalf to achieve the best possible settlement within the terms of your insurance policy.

We deal with residential and commercial property claims including damage caused by fire, flood, storm, burst pipes, oil leaks, burglary, subsidence, or any other insured events causing damage or financial loss.

We also provide BER Assessments & Surveying services.